A blast from the past

¬†Cuzco and Jet, partners in crime. You can tell they’re plotting some nefarious scheme in this photo!

How time does fly. I can’t believe it’s been nearly twelve years since those two mischievous youngsters were scampering about. Jet still scampers about, only now he sports a dapple gray coat instead of a dark brown one.

Cuzco, on the other hand, has long decided that scampering is for immature buffoons. A goat of his noble stature does not lark about in foolish displays. He much prefers that people remember him like this:

2 thoughts on “A blast from the past

  1. I was at the extravaganza and got 2 rides with Cuzco. When did he loose that
    other horn? I love all breeds of goats except the La Manchas. I don’t like the ears.
    Which ones do you like and don’t like?

    Love, McKenzie

    1. I’m glad you got to enjoy Cuzco’s cart rides at the Extravaganza! Cuzco lost his horn in 2006 when a friend’s dog chased him off a 30-foot cliff. He was four years old at the time. The horn was damaged beyond saving and had to be amputated.

      I like Alpine/Nubian crosses (like Cuzco) the best. They have wonderful airplane ears and come in beautiful colors!


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