Family photos

Phil and I went back to western NY a few years ago and visited the farm where we’d bought Cuzco. It was amazing how much the herd had grown in a few years! There were a lot more dairy goats, most of them crosses. The lady had also added a few Boers, and these were some of the few obviously purebred animals and also the only horned ones except for Cuzco’s twin sister, who had been retained as part of the dairy string. It’s easy to see the family resemblance. She was easily the biggest doe in the herd.

I don’t know if Cuzco’s mother was still alive, but this doe looked just like her minus the horns. But when I remember back, I believe Cuzco’s mother along with all the other goats in that herd had bands on their horns at the time we bought Cuzco. I’m going to pretend that this is Cuzco’s mother anyway. 

Then there was this Nubian doe who I swear had to have the same father as Cuzco. There was an uncanny resemblance in the balance of the markings, the roaning, and something about the head and neck and the rangy body type. She was quite pretty and reminded me too much of Cuzco not to be related somehow.

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