Bighorn Canyon Continued: The Logjam

Considering how long and narrow the Bighorn slots were, it was surprising how few obstacles were in them. However, we did eventually encounterĀ a fallen boulder that Cuzco could neither go over nor under, so we turned back. I hope one day to go back and explore further. Younger goats should have no problem with this canyon.

One of the obstacles was a fallen tree that luckily had just enough space to allow us to crawl under it on hands and knees. I had to remove Sputnik’s pack so he could make it.

“Can you do it Cuzco?”

The old goat gave it a whirl. Climbing under things was always Cuzco’s speciality. Did I ever tell how he squeezed into a chicken coop through a 12″ x 12″ door when he was five years old?

Yep, he’s still got it!


Cuzco had no trouble with the narrow spots…

…but Phil got stuck once or twice!

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