Happy birthday, Phil!

Today is Phil’s birthday, and I got him a goat circus!

There are two jumps, a set of weave poles, hoops in two sizes, a metal washtub to be used as a pedestal, and a teeter-totter (not pictured). We cannot wait to set up the teeter-totter in the yard!

We’re dying to go out there and start playing, but because there’s a snowstorm outside today, we stayed in the living room and made do with training a couple of our stuffed goats. They’re very cooperative even if they’re not particularly talented.

I also bought a couple packages of brightly colored tennis balls to protect against accidental horn stabs while we’re training our little guys. Sometimes their enthusiasm outpaces their caution, and sometimes me and Phil’s does too. Best to play on the safe side with this rambunctious crowd!

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