Rambo and Rocky’s Mountain High

Look who’s into campfires now! Rocky Balboa starting hanging around the campfire for the first time a few weeks ago and has spent more time at each subsequent one. We have to watch him because he tends to be a fire walker when he’s not too busy inhaling the smoke.

Ah… good ol’ Rocky Mountain high!

Rocky has to take particular care around the flames because of his extra low-hanging chins. I thought dewlaps like this only came on cows! I loosened his collar just a few days ago and it still feels quite roomy, but look at the rolls flopping over each side of it! “More chins than a Chinese phone book” is my favorite description of this fellow!

Rambo hung around the fire a lot too. I love this guy’s regal head and neck!

And his soulful, stargazing eyes. He has a royal air about him in the way he moves proudly along with his head held high.

Rocky howls at the moon while Rambo takes in the vapors.

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