Pac-Man learns to pack!

Well, he learned to pack kids, that is! On July 4th Phil and I┬áspent the day at my parents’ house where a lot of other friends and relatives were gathered for the holiday. We had Finn and Pac-Man with us that day and while my mom saddled up her pony for the kids to ride, I saddled up Pac-Man. We didn’t do it very long… Pac-Man is only two years old, and the saddle doesn’t fit him very well. He’s much too round for a normal tree and has no withers, so the kids had to balance well to keep the saddle from rolling. Still, we had a great time, and my nephew, Robert, was thrilled to get to ride a goat! Pac-Man was a sweet boy and seemed to enjoy the experience.

My niece, Lily. I don’t think she’s having quite enough fun. Do you?

Robert is ready–he’s got those feet in the stirrups and the bike helmet on! Look at the pony, Honey, in the background: “Hey, you’re supposed to be riding ME! I’m the horse! Goats aren’t good for anything except eating weeds! Get over here!”

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    1. Because the saddle is not quite properly designed (or was improperly built). The cinch sits too far back so when the saddle is placed in the proper spot on the goat’s back, the cinch sits in the middle of the belly. Place the cinch in the proper spot on the sternum and it pulls the saddle forward. I no longer use that saddle for that reason.

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