Farewell Perdy

It’s been a tough week here.  Perdy got her cast off at the beginning of the week.  Because of that, she had to be confined for about a week so her leg could finish healing.  Unfortunately, it seems the reduced amount of running triggered “floppy kid syndrome” which we’d never seen before as our kids always run free.  She looked a little off before bed one evening, then by the morning she was running a very low temperature.  Nan and Vanessa helped her all day, and our vet Kathy was able to visit in the evening and tried to help her.  Sadly, she passed away around 10pm on Thursday.  Zen and Vanessa have been with us most of this week.  They’ve been a great encouragement to us.

I’ll be recapping previous videos of Pongo and Perdy today, and even showing some wonderful videos of Perdy running around post-cast from earlier this week.  Pongo is now running with the herd, so I’ve got a good handful of videos of him finally being able to explore our yard!  (Including some exciting videos of Pongo playing on the new rock wall that Zen has been building!)

I hope you are all doing well.  We’re thankful for every day we have, even though not every day is the best day.

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