Weld County Goat Extravaganza Cont.

I hitched Cuzco to his cart on Saturday and Sunday. Naturally there were people lined up and clamoring to get a ride right up to the time I hitched up, at which point everyone disappeared to either compete in or watch the massive showmanship classes that began in all three rings at once. So I seized the opportunity to take a pleasant drive around the fairgrounds myself.

Later on we gave rides to everyone from tiny babies…

to old grandmas.

We gave rides to kids…

And kids holding kids. (Yes, that is a baby goat in her arms.)

And the real feather in the cap was when the dairy goat judge asked us if we would take a photo of him in the cart. So we brought Cuzco into the ring and snapped a photo. I’m disappointed that there is so much dust in the picture, but it’s still one to remember!

Saturday evening we took Cuzco and Pac-Man for a stroll around the fairgrounds. Cuzco found a party hat and enjoyed posing with it.

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