Winter fun

We had some more snow the other day and boy did it get cold this time! The babies love the snow and don’t seem to be bothered by the temperature drop.
“Chase Uncle Finn down the hill–Wheee!!!”

Rambo looks like he belongs on a Christmas card!

Little Coral was sure feisty yesterday! She tried to pick fights with everyone, but most of the goats weren’t having it. This little fuzzball showed up pregnant on her blood test, so she’s expecting kids in June!

The babies have discovered the joys of leaping onto rocks.

I’m not sure what got into TinCup, but she sure looks excited!

And in other news, Tigerlily is definitely starting to show. Look at that belly starting to droop! She’s expecting kids around April 10th.

Ladies at the salad bar.

Blackbird shows up good against the snow!

“Run faster, Skeeter! Get those ears flapping and maybe you can fly!”

Little tracks and big tracks.

Mmm… loose minerals.

A brief father and daughter moment before Petunia turned around and whacked him away. I love that my bucks are gentle with babies. Neither of them has tried to do more than sniff curiously at them, but mama is suspicious.

When mama wasn’t looking, Blackbird and Skeeter introduced themselves formally to Daisy. You can see the worried look on Daisy’s face. She adores baby goats, but Petunia has been protective of these two and has swatted Daisy and Pluto for looking too close.

True love. Mama isn’t around and Daisy’s in heaven. Look at that tail!

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  1. Love the black and white ones, my favorite color combo for clothes, decorating and even pets. LOL the babies are sssssssssssssoooooo adorable.

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