The Best Things in Life are… Donuts!

It’s supposed to be very nice weather all weekend. I’d like to plan a campfire in Cuzco’s honor. For once in his life he can have all the leftover hot dog buns, and I’ll even give him a whole Hershey’s chocolate bar if he wants it (usually he only gets one or two little squares). It will be “Cuzco’s Campfire”.

I bought him a fresh tub of powdered donuts this afternoon. Usually he only gets them when they’re close to expiration and on sale half price (in other words, rarely). Phil and I gave him a few this afternoon. He dropped one in his eagerness to snatch it out of my fingers (grabbing things quickly is tricky for him now that he no longer has teeth in the front). It rolled toward the edge of the patio where the dog was waiting with eager jaws. But Cuzco never lets a donut escape! He dove for that thing like a striking cobra, and unfortunately his greed surpassed┬áhis reflexes. His knees buckled and he crashed face-first into the pavement, but by golly he got that donut! I don’t think he cared that he did a face plant. He jumped right back up for another one and then licked my fingers afterwards.

He also felt good enough to go for a walk today. I think those sugary donuts gave him an energy boost because he was more or less able to keep up with us this time. Good ol’ fella. I’m glad he’s still game for a walk. Not being able to go is heartbreaking for all of us.

2 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are… Donuts!

    1. Cuzco has definitely done a good job patrolling our property over the years! I’d say he’s been a pretty good police goat and has earned his donuts!

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