Spring is in the air!

Things are beginning to turn green around here! Despite the lack of April snows, we’ve had a rather chilly spring with only one or two days warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirts. Thes are cool, delicious days with mountains shrouded in wispy clouds and goats frolicking and grazing in the meadows.   
With his colorful coat and his train of mesmerized babies, Finn looks like the Pied Piper!

Gandalf takes a flying leap off an overturned stump.

Skeeter takes on babysitting duties. I love watching kids play on our rock piles.

Dolly doesn’t get enough attention. She is one of the sweetest, prettiest little goats I’ve ever met. She lives in the shadow of her sister Molly, who is the clown of the herd and is bold, outgoing and adventuresome. Dolly is gentle and demure. Unlike Molly and the others who jostle forward to demand attention, Dolly stands patiently near the back of the crowd and waits for attention to come to her. It’s impossible not to give it. Dolly exudes “love me” vibes so powerful she doesn’t need to elbow for attention!

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