Eating and sleeping… it’s a goat’s life

Here’s a photo of Nubbin doing what Nubbin does best. She’s learned that when I come outside with the milk pail that she should get busy, and she promptly drains the entire right udder, even if she already ate half an hour ago.

She’s so soft and cuddly! I always want to just pick her up and snuggle her to my chest.

Petunia is so big and heavy now that it’s getting hard to pick her up. Phil and I are calling her the “fatling” because she’s gotten to be such a chunk. I mean, with her long, lean, athletic build she doesn’t look remotely fat, but she’s obviously extremely well-fed nonetheless. I think she’s going to grow into a gorgeous goat, with exactly the kind of conformation we’re looking for. If she were a boy I’m convinced she would be a pack goat par excellence. I can’t wait to show her and see how she does. She’s going to be in recorded grades where there won’t be much competition, but I have a feeling she’d show well against any goat regardless of breed.

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