To whom does this little waif belong??

Lilly is a wonderful mama and always makes sure her new babies have a cozy, out-of-the-way spot to hide while she goes off to graze. I remember her hiding Petunia last year and sometimes we had trouble finding her.

I wouldn’t have found Finn today if Phil hadn’t seen where Lilly put him and told me where to look!

I’d forgotten about this old tire out back.

Daisy sometimes gets worried when Lilly leaves Finn by himself. Lilly gets worried if Daisy messes with him. They’ve come to blows a few times over this baby. I’ve had to step in and protect our poor LGD a few times because Lilly keeps chasing her, butting her, biting her, and trapping her underneath trailers and vehicles. But I don’t know what Lilly is so worried about. All I’ve seen from Daisy is pure affection and tenderness when she’s with Finn. Daisy sneaks over whenever she can and licks him gently from nose to tail.

If Finn comes out half as good-looking as his big half-sister, he’ll be a very handsome goat indeed!

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