Playground Antics

Esmeralda was standing on the tire next to Finn. She kept glancing over at his back and then quickly glancing away again.
“Should I do it?” I could tell she wanted to jump up on his back. Perhaps Gandalf was daring her to do it! But Finn wasn’t looking away. Clearly he knew what Esmeralda was thinking and he had his eye on her!

“NOPE!” Finn gave a warning glance and that was the end of Esmeralda’s little scheme!

I love the terrified look in her eyes after her close brush with the big, scary old goat!

I’m not sure what Merlin thought he was doing.

This is the way you’re supposed to go through the tire, silly boy!

Clearly he didn’t figure it out because he had to turn around and try putting his head into the other side.

All the baby goats are playing and Finn is presiding from the teeter-totter. Finn loves that teeter-totter. He and Ziggy are the only two goats who aren’t a little bit afraid of it so they like to show off by standing on it for minutes on end. The babies don’t care. They have tires to play on and Finn is too big for the tires!

Finn feels like a king on his throne when he stand on his teeter-totter. Not even Pest will bother him up there!

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