Bouncing back

Nubbin was much better today and only hung around crying by herself for a little while this morning before she went out and grazed with the other goats. Last night Nubbin slept outside by herself, curled up with her face away from everyone, and she was in the exact same place and in the same position this morning when I let the goats out. I don’t think she moved all night. But tonight she’s sharing a shed with Cuzco again, which is her usual resting place. I’m happy to see she’s socializing again instead of moping around by herself.

And we felt Petunias babies squirming today! Phil and I both felt them, and we felt them on both sides! So I’m pretty sure she’s got two. And they are lively ones! I swear they were doing the jitterbug in there! It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to feel babies move and it was so exciting. Nubbin was too deep and soft to feel anything, Nibbles was too fat, and Lilly is so tight and toned that I don’t think any baby could kick its way past those abs of hers! Petunia is just right, and she feels like she’s bulging with kids. I told her to stay out of trouble and keep them safely inside till they’re cooked properly!

Little Finn is doing great. He’s bouncing around like a jumping bean and discovering the joys of bumping his head, tumbling off heights, falling in holes, and all the other things little kids do when their courage is greater than their ability. I’m not sure yet, but I think this little guy might be polled like his mama. He has swirls, so I thought for sure he’d have horns, but they haven’t sprouted yet. Nubbin and Petunia’s were poking through within a 3-4 days if I recall correctly. So far Finn only has round nubs and he’s almost a week old. Pac-Man is enamored with Finn. He looks at him with all the pride of fatherhood, convinced that this is his progeny. I told him he’s mistaken, but Pac-Man won’t hear a word of it. The two boys like to stick their tongues out at each other. In fact, Finn doesn’t seem to know how to put his tongue back in. I told him it’s going to get sunburned the way he keeps poking it out all the time. Smile

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