Goat-O-Rama Nubbin

Goat-O-Rama Nubbin is an ADGA registered three-year-old Alpine/Nubian doe with two freshenings under her belt. She kidded each time without assistance and is a wonderful mother. Nubbin’s mothering instinct is so strong, in fact, that she even adopted a couple of week-old bottle babies last spring even though her own kids had been weaned for almost a year. She … Continue reading Goat-O-Rama Nubbin


Nubbin loves machines. If there’s a truck or a tractor for this girl to play on, she’s all over it! Born June 15, 2013, Nubbin is the daughter of our Alpine doe, Nibbles and a lovely Kastdemur Nubian buck. She looks like her daddy. Nubbin is our softest goat and has beautiful,  soulful eyes. She … Continue reading Nubbin