Goat-O-Rama Nubbin

Goat-O-Rama Nubbin is an ADGA registered three-year-old Alpine/Nubian doe with two freshenings under her belt. She kidded each time without assistance and is a wonderful mother. Nubbin’s mothering instinct is so strong, in fact, that she even adopted a couple of week-old bottle babies last spring even though her own kids had been weaned for almost a year. She is pictured here as a first freshener in 2014.   Nubs_SF14

Nubbin last freshened April 30, 2015 and is still giving an impressive 3 quarts in one milking/day after more than 400 days in lactation. Nubbin’s milk tests at 4% butterfat and is very sweet and creamy. Nubbin behaves well on the stand for hand or machine milking. Her udder is soft, low-maintenance, and easy to milk.Nubbin_Udder.1 Nubbin_Udder.2

Nubbin took Grand Champion Recorded Grade senior doe and Best in Breed both days at this year’s CDGA Harvest Show in Longmont! Nubbin is from a CAE-free herd, tested annually and has herself tested negative three times. Nubbin is being offered to a very good home only, with the caveat that we be given right of first refusal if she must be sold again. Price: $350 firm. HarvestShow16.5