Lilly_Woodbox2Jem’s Pride Stargazer Lilly was born in April 2012 and acquired by Goat-O-Rama in November of that year. Lilly is the clown of the herd and was best known for her daredevil Ninja tricks when she was a youngster. She would run up walls and do back-flips or run up them in an arc to about five or six feet high just for the fun of it. Although she settled down quite a bit after having her first kid, Lilly never lost her enthusiasm for exercise and is most often seen marching purposefully¬†about or chasing Daisy the dog (who she can outrun by the way!).


Lilly loves people and to this day she will try to climb in my lap if I sit down. However, she’s an iron-fisted ruler over the rest of the herd. Lilly started at the bottom and ended up as herd queen, being lower only than Cuzco in the pecking order. Lilly is also a wonderful mother and takes excellent care of her babies. She also gives ¬†more milk than a cow!Lilly.Pet_1