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Easter Goats!

Easter was a subdued event this year compared to pre-panpanic days, but at least we were able to do anything at all. Last year all festivities were canceled so we were happy to be able to participate in a slimmed-down Easter celebration. 

The kids always look forward to meeting our goats at the community Easter egg hunt, but this year the hunt was called off and replaced by a drive-thru distribution of Easter goodie bags. We filled Finn and Sputnik’s panniers with goodie bags and walked up to the cars to deliver them to the kids. We had fun decorating them for the occasion.    

Sputnik and Finn were very generous about reaching up to the car windows so the kids could lean out and pet their noses and feed them some treats that we brought. 

Finn Catches a Balloon!

The other day on our walk I found a stray balloon in our pasture. I brought it home and showed it to the goats to see what they thought of it. Since I was handing out treats they didn’t pay much attention, but I soon realized I’d accidentally “fed” the string to Finn when I was giving him a cookie. He was chomping on the string and kind of eyeing the balloon suspiciously and I facetiously prodded the balloon with my toe to see what would happen. I was not prepared for the explosion which followed! 

Then and Now

When I got her she was an ethereal beauty and so I named her “Stardust”.

Turns out she is more “earthy” than ethereal so now I call her “Dusty”.

Also, she’s half Arabian, half Paint Horse. The first photo is of the Arabian half and the second photo is of the Paint Horse half.

In other news, our Christmas tree was demolished in short order. The goats thoroughly enjoyed every bite. This is what it looked like a day or so after we gave it to them:

Believe it or not, it is even MORE bare now!