“Goat-O-Rama Daniel Boone” is a purebred Alpine buckling born 4/10/2016. He is the full brother to Crockett and son of our Alpine doe, Delilah. Boone is a deep, large-bodied boy with lots of color and lots of character! He has a sweet, mellow personality that is bound to make him an ideal trail companion. At three months old, Boone weighs in at a whopping 69 lbs! Boone_1

Boone has a wide, intelligent face with a unique lightening strike down the right side, and to top it all off he has wattles!Boone_2

Boone loves people, he loves treats, and he’s eager to please. He is used to being tied and is learning to walk on a leashBoone_3

If you are interested in purchasing Boone as a breeding buck, please let me know right away as he will be wethered by the end of July. $150 reflects his price as a pack wether. Boone can be registered with ADGA as a purebred American Alpine buck, and his registered price will be $250. I can provide his pedigree on request.